• International Conference

    International Conference Days of Corporate Security - 22. and 23. of May 2023. The event was organized by the Institute for Corporate Security Studies and Slovenian Corporate Security Association with collaboration South-East European Corporate Security Association (SEECSA). The annual Slovenian Grand Security Award was presented as part of the opening ceremony.

  • Award ceremony

    The "Slovenian Grand Security Award" is the most important security award in the Republic of Slovenia, which is awarded to selected institutions and individuals for their innovative contribution in the field of security development and enforcement.

  • Cyber Security

    Within the ICS Ljubljana, there is the Center for Information Security, which deals with the areas of cyber security - testing in IT environments, penetration (intrusion) testing and security checks. At the same time, we also offer training entitled “Basic Aspects of Cyber Security”.

  • Business Continuity

    How important is the business continuity of your organization? Are you willing to risk serious consequences for the success of your organization by relying on lucky circumstances? Do you want to organize the work in your organizations so that, despite the upheavals, a key part of the functions of your organizations will continue to work continuously? We are an institution with many years of experience in the field of establishing business continuity systems in the national and international environment.

Photo by Sean Pollock

Corporate security

We identify and implement all the necessary systemic measures for managing security risks in the individual organization or company. Corporate security is one of the basic functions that ensures the effective functioning of an organization.

Corporate Security Magazine

In this issue you will find a lot of interesting content: interview - dr. Andrej Benedejčič, adviser to the prime minister for national security; interview - M.Sc. Vesna Prodnik, member of the board of Telekom Slovenije; column - dr. Denis Čaleta - Is a person the weakest or the strongest part of the security system?; interview - dr. Dragan Kovačić, director of the Celje General Hospital; interview - Mr. Mitja Repina, Head of the Security Department at BTC d.d.; article - Ms. Mojca Štruc: Strategy for Digital Slovenia 2030; article - Ms. Tanja Permozer: Space industries and opportunities for Slovenian organizations... Welcome to read!

Corporate members of the Corporate Security Association

The Institute has a Slovenian Corporate Security Association, which brings together legal and natural persons in the field of corporate security and other related fields.