• New Year's greetings

    We are leaving behind a demanding year,
    which brought us quite a few challenges and worries.
    We believe that we have together successfully overcome them.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021 wish you
    the team of Institute for Corporate Security Studies!

  • International Conference

    The conference "Days of Corporate Security", organized by the Institute for Corporate Security Studies, the Slovenian Corporate Security Association and the SE Europe Corporate Security Association (SECSA), was successfully concluded.
    At the same time, we invite you to book your time for the Days of Corporate Security 2021. The new date is already known - May 25 and 26, 2021!

  • Mission statement

    The mission of the ICS Ljubljana is to incorporate and develop new knowledge, experiences, findings and needs as well as to promote interests in the field of corporative security in, both, national and international environments.

  • Round table

    On Thursday, December 3, 2020, we organized a virtual roundtable entitled “Cyber Security Challenges on the Road to Deploying New 5G Technologies”. The participants of the round table were from the field of users and providers of this technology, but there was also a representative of the regulators of this field. The web event has been recorded, the recording will be published on the website and YouTube channel ICS Ljubljana.

  • Award ceremony

    The "Slovenian Grand Security Award" is the most important security award in the Republic of Slovenia, which is awarded to selected institutions and individuals for their innovative contribution in the field of security development and enforcement.

  • Cyber Security

    Within the ICS Ljubljana, there is the Center for Information Security, which deals with the areas of cyber security - testing in IT environments, penetration (intrusion) testing and security checks. At the same time, we also offer training entitled “Basic Aspects of Cyber Security”.

Photo by Sean Pollock

Corporate security

We identify and implement all the necessary systemic measures for managing security risks in the individual organization or company. Corporate security is one of the basic functions that ensures the effective functioning of an organization.

Corporate Security Magazine

Corporate members of the Corporate Security Association

The Institute has a Slovenian Corporate Security Association, which brings together legal and natural persons in the field of corporate security and other related fields.