Information Security Center

With system security scanning and penetration testing to increase cyber security.

Within the institute there is an Information Security Center, which deals with the areas of cyber security - testing in IT environments, penetration testing and security screening.

  • We identify and identify weaknesses in organizations
  • We make an assessment of the compliance of security policies
  • We make a conformity assessment of all software and hardware
  • We test employee awareness of security issues
  • We check the response in the event of a security incident using realistically feasible methods
  • We follow several internationally recognized methodologies
  • We are holders of the international certificates CEHv10, Offensive Security OSCP, DPO
  • We use a variety of different programs and gadgets
  • The result of security testing is thus written reports and crucial to ensuring the highest standards of the organization
  • Organizations are advised to perform security screening and testing at an annual interval or after any major implementation or change in the IT environment.

A team of experts from the Institute for Corporate Security Studies specializing in cyber security with in-depth technical knowledge and certificates will provide you professional and independent testing, that will expose you to the vulnerabilities of your information system.