31. 05. — 01. 06. 2022

13th International Conference "Days of Corporate Security"

The International Conference "Days of Corporate Security" is a thematic scientific and professional meeting of all those who face security risk management issues in today's security environment. An important Slovenian award will be presented at the conference with the title "Slovenian Grand Security Award". There will be simultaneous translation from Slovenian into English.

About the conference

The International Conference " Days of Corporate Security 2022" is a thematic scientific and professional meeting of all those who face security risk management issues in today's security environment, with a special focus on corporate and information risks. This conference represents the central scientific and professional event in the region in the field of corporate security and, in particular, information and cyber risks.

The aim of the conference is to present the latest insights and research findings, examples of good practice and examples of successful transfer of knowledge into practice, to enable direct contact between theorists and practitioners, and to accelerate the dissemination and solving of current problems in the field of corporate security.

The conference is intended for

The meeting is intended for all experts dealing publically or privately with the problems of studying and providing corporative security, security risk management, informational security, preventing cyber threats and control of these processes.

Accordingly, we kindly invite the following:

  • scientists and researchers from public and private scientific research institutions,
  • students and researches from connected interdisciplinary areas,
  • corporate security managers,
  • other security experts from public or private environment,
  • managing personnel from corporations,
  • managing personnel of public administration bodies or organisations,
  • owners and members of supervisory boards,
  • all those dealing with standardisation and accreditation processes,
  • representatives of intelligence and security structures, police force, armed forces, judicial authorities, and other areas of national security environment in a broad sense of the word,
  • representatives of private security and detective organisations,
  • critical infrastructure managers,
  • insurance representatives,
  • all dealing with the processes of information and communication security and data security,
  • other interested public.


New approaches to cyber attacks on critical infrastructure

MsC. Dalibor Vuković

Product manager and cyber security specialist at Telekom Slovenije d.d.


Corporate and Cyber Security in Healthcare

Prof. Dr. Richard Werner / Marko Zavadlav

Future Intelligence Group AG / ASTEC

Switzerland / Slovenia

Safety and Security at ports with LNG bunkering

Dr. Marko Gerbec

Jožef Stefan Institute, partner of the Super-LNG PLUS project


Implementing cyber risk intelligence to increase the resilience of critical infrastructures

Dr. Andrej Bregar / Sašo Gjergjek

Assistant Director of Technical Affairs Informatika d.o.o.


The importance and impact of managed security services on the corporate security of an organization

Matjaž Katarinčič

Head of Technology and Cyber Security Expert, Smart Com d.o.o.


Integration of ABC doors into the EU EES (Entry Exit System)

Predrag Petrović / Žiga Čuk

director of ID Shop d.o.o. / project manager MI-Line d.o.o.


Zero Trust: the only way?

Vencel Cserháti

Cybersecurity and Privacy Officer Huawei Technologies


Deploying secure 5G – what does it take?

Mikko Karikytö

Head of Product Security at Ericsson


Measurable assessment of security risks for each company

Jure Habbe

Chief Operating Officer, Silver Bullet Risk (SBR)


Cyber Securing Energy Data Services – examples form EU cyber security project CyberSEAS

Andrej Souvent



When deep learning cybersecurity and intelligent video solution meet in one solution

John Lagogiannis / Aleš Polajnko

Business Development Manager South East Europe / director of TEND

Greece / Slovenia

Use of drones to improve critical infrastructure control

Kristijan Perčič

Director of Innovation at Pošta Slovenije


Fire and explosion safety in the light of the continuous operation of organizations

Dušan Podbelšek

Project manager at Zarja Elektronika


Preparedness and Resilience Enforcement for Critical Infrastructure Cascading Cyberphysical Threats and effects with focus on district or regional protection (PRECINCT) – case of LL Antwerp

Shirley Delannoy

VIAS Institute


Facilitating Public & Private security operators to mitigate terrorism scenarios against soft targets (APPRAISE)

Yana Lazarova

Project coordinator, defense & security business unit, CA Group


7SHIELD: A holistic framework to protect Ground Segments of Space Systems against cyber, physical and natural complex threats

Dr. Gabriele Giunta

Project Coordinator, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.P.A.


Round table with strategic management

Topic: The impact of strategic challenges posed by a demanding security environment on the continued operation of our organizations

MSc. Aleksander Mervar

Director of ELES

Mr. Blaž Košorok

General Manager GEN energija

Mr. Cvetko Sršen

President of the Management Board of Telekom Slovenije

MSc. Nada Drobne Popović

President of the Management Board of Petrol

Mr. Jože Golobič

General manager of University Medical Centre Ljubljana

Round table with corporate security managers

Topic: Key security challenges of the future that will have a significant impact on the continued operation of organizations and critical infrastructure

MSc. Boris Kankaraš

Port of Koper d.d.

Franc Pavlin

Petrol d.d.

mag. Anton Travner

DARS d.d.

Robert Slodej

Eles d.o.o

Božidar Dajčman

Nova KBM d.d.

MSc. Marko Potokar

Novartis / LEK d.d.

Matija Repina

BTC Ljubljana d.d.

Round table

Topic: What do changes to the EU regulatory framework in the field of critical infrastructure resilience bring in the future?

MSc. Tanja Muha

Director of the Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia

Dr. Uroš Svete

Director of the Government Information Security Office

Mr. Gorazd Božič

Head of SI-CERT (Slovenian Computer Emergency Response Team)

Dr. Robert Šumi

Chairman of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption

Mr. Rok Marolt

Director of the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Slovenia

Draft of the program

Conference Venue

The event will once again be in hybrid form.

  • On the first day, the conference will take place live in the big hall of the Congress Center Brdo, Predoslje 39, 4000 Kranj - www.brdo.si/sl/kongresni-center-brdo
  • On the second day of the conference, the program will take place via online platform.

Conference organizers


Slovenian Grand Security Award

This is the most important award in the field of security in the Republic of Slovenia, which is awarded to selected institutions and individuals for their innovative contribution in the field of security development and enforcement. The Independent Commission selects the best and the most innovative, who, through their example and activities in the area of ​​safety in their communities, are an example of good practices and innovative solutions.

They are divided into the following categories:

  • Corporate Security Manager of the Year
  • The most secure and safe company
  • The most innovative security solution
  • The best security contribution
  • The safest city and the safest municipality
  • Innovative media promotion of security

Archive of past events

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Registration fee

Registration Fee 394* €

* Regular price is 394 eur + VAT. This year we have enabled discounts of up to 30%. The registration fee includes participation in the conference (first day online, second day live or online), professional magazine Corporate Security and promotional materials.

Funds for the payment of the registration fee should be transferred to the account:

SKB banka d.d.
Institute for Corporate Security Studies - ICS Ljubljana,
TRR no .: SI56 0313 1100 0343 770, reference no. 00 05-2022 - "proforma invoice number"

* Cena brez DDV


  • 20% For members of the Slovenian Association for Corporate Security, members of SEECSA (UMHS, SAMKB, MUMKB) and lecturers
  • 10% Special "first minute" discount for registration until April 7, 2022
  • 5% Early check-in discount from April 6 to May 5, 2022
  • 10% For applicants from companies that sponsor the event
  • 5% For two or more applicants from one company (valid only for joint application)
  • Discounts can be added together up to a maximum of 30%.

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