13. 03. — 14. 03. 2019

10th International Conference "DAYS OF CORPORATE SECURITY 2019"

"Risk Management in Cyberspace" - Integration of physical and information processes necessity of the cyber environment

International conference Days of Corporative Security with the central theme "Risk Management in Cyberspace" - Integration of physical and information processes necessity of the cyber environment" represent thematic scientific and professional meeting of all those who are faced with problems of security risks in the modern security environment. This conference represents a central scientific and professional event in the region the field of corporate security. As part of the opening ceremony, the "Grand Slovenian Security Award" for the year 2019 will be awarded.


Video about the conference

Target population for the conference

The meeting is intended for all experts dealing publically or privately with the problems of studying and providing corporative security, security risk management, informational security, preventing cyber threats and control of these processes.

Accordingly, we kindly invite the following:

  • scientists and researchers from public and private scientific research institutions,
  • students and researches from connected interdisciplinary areas,
  • corporate security managers,
  • other security experts from public or private environment,
  • managing personnel from corporations,
  • managing personnel of public administration bodies or organisations,
  • owners and members of supervisory boards,
  • all those dealing with standardisation and accreditation processes,
  • representatives of intelligence and security structures, police force, armed forces, judicial authorities, and other areas of national security environment in a broad sense of the word,
  • representatives of private security and detective organisations,
  • critical infrastructure managers,
  • insurance representatives,
  • all dealing with the processes of information and communication security and data security,
  • other interested public.

This conference also offer opportunities for the meetings of students from different faculties who can present results of their research in the areas related to the processes of corporative security provision.


Guests and topics

Guests of Honor

Mr. Alojz Kovšca – President of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia (confirmed)
Mr. Klemen GROŠELJ, State Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Republic of Slovenia (confirmed)
Mrs. Tatjana Bobnar, Director General of the Police (confirmed)

Mr. Aleksander Mervar, Director of ELES d.o.o. (general sponsor)

Note: Both conference days will be provided with translation.

Conference topics:

Wednesday, 13.3.2019

Round Table »Recipients of the Slovenian Grand Security Award«

- moderator dr. Denis ČALETA - President of the Slovenian Corporate Security Association

Round table: »Expectations of strategic management from risk management«

  • Mr. Aleksander Mervar, Director ELES d.o.o. (confirmed)
  • Mr. Boštjan Gorjup - BSH home appliances d.o.o. and Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (confirmed)
  • Mrs. Mojca Šimnic Šolinc, Director Tosama d.o.o. (confirmed)
  • Mr. Enzo Smrekar - President of the Management Board Droga Kolinska and Director of the Strategic Business Area at Atlantic Group (confirmed)
  • Mr. Lovro Peterlin - Executive Director A1 d.o.o. (confirmed)
  • MSc. Katja Kraškovic, Dean of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship - GEA College (moderator)

Guided conversation about the challenges of corporate security in a complex international business environment

Guest - Mr. Klaus Høj TIPSMARK - Chief Security Officer, Richemont International SA

Moderator - Mr. Andrej PODVRŠIČ, Chief Security Officer, Global Security CHEMOURS

Mr. Faiz DJELLOULI, CEO, HOLISEUM SAS, Republic of France

Comprehensive approach to build Cyber Trusted Environments

Mr. Božidar DAJČMAN – Director of Physical and Information Security Management, Nova KBM d.d.

Integration of physical and information security management - an example of good practice in Nova KBM d.d.

MSc. Janez ANŽIČ, Director of Operational Service Center, Telekom Slovenije d.d

Experience in the operation of the Operational Center for Cyber Security (OCKV) of the Telekom Slovenia Group

MSc Matjaž KOSEM, Business Development Manager NIL SOC, NIL d.o.o.

Reduction of cyber-security risks with the right strategy

Dr. Vittorio ROSATO, ENEA, Republic of Italy

CIPCast: a new Decision Support System for operational risk forecast of Critical Infrastructure

Mr. Graeme BALLARD, Managing Director, Devolution Media, England & Wales

Challenges of using Artificial Intelligence in Security

Mr. Marko KAŠIČ, Leading iCT engineer, A1 Slovenia

How artificial intelligence changes cyber security?

Mr. Tadej HREN, SI CERT, Slovenia

The role of CSIRTs in ensuring coordination with critical infrastructure managers in the field of cyber security

Thursday, 14.3.2019

Mr. Štefan GOSTIČ, HR Director and Data protection officer, Kia Motors Adria Group, Slovenija

How effective is the HR procedure to reduce the subsequent risk associated with key personnel in the company?

Dr. Brane BERTONCELJ, Slovenian Corporate Security Association, Slovenia

Shooting attack: are you ready for it?

Mr. Žiga PODGORŠEK, Certified ethical hacker, ICS-Ljubljana

Risks of social engineering in ensuring cyber security of the organization

MSc. Marko POTOKAR, Security manager, Lek d.d.

Employees official travels are an important source of risk for organizations

Round table: »Processes for establishing effective key personnel management related to security risks in business organizations«

  • Mr Robert Slodej, Director of the Corporate Security Service, ELES d.o.o (confirmed)
  • MSc Boris Kankaraš – Head of Port Security, Luka Koper d.d. (confirmed)
  • MSc Štefan Gostič – Director of Personnel, KIA Motors Adria Group d.o.o. (confirmed)
  • Mr Matic Vošnjak – Director of the Personnel Agency Competo d.o.o. (confirmed)
  • Dr Brane Bertoncelj, Slovenian Corporate Security Association (moderator)

Dr. Krunoslav ANTOLIŠ, Ministry of the Interior, Republic of Croatia

New Security Paradigm for SE Europe Countries regarding Hybrid Threats

Round table: »How to choose the right methodology for risk assessment (Risk evaluation) in critical infrastructure«

  • Mr. Boštjan Šefic, Advisor to the Minister of Defense, MORS (invited)
  • MSc. Venčeslav Perko, Director of the ICT, ELES d.o.o. (confirmed)
  • MSc. Danilo Burnač - Director, Mariborski vodovod (confirmed)
  • Mr. Pavel Škerlj - IT Director, PETROL d.d. (confirmed)
  • Mr. Matjaž Kosem - Business Development Manager NIL SOC, NIL d.o.o. (confirmed)
  • MSc. Miran Vršec, Institute for Corporate Security Studies, ICS-Ljubljana (moderator)
Note: both conference days will be provided with translation.

Registration fee

Registration fee includes participation in the conference, ppt presentations, promotional materials, lunch, dinner and refreshments during breaks. Registration and fee payment are obligatory for all conference participants.

Conference fee is 394 EUR + VAT.


Special "first minute" discount for registration before 31. January 2019

20% discount

Special "first minute" discount for registration before 31. January 2019 for members of the

Slovenian Corporate Security Association and members of SE Europe Corporate Security Association (SECSA)

30% discount

Eary registration before 28. february 2019

10% discount
Participants from the companies sponsoring the event

10% discount

Two or more participants from one company (only if applied together)

5% discount

ICS Ljubljana, members of the Slovenian Corporate Security Management Association

and members of SE Europe Corporate Security Association (SECSA - SAMKB, UHMS, MUMKB), Lecturers

20% discount

N.B.: Discount rates cannot be combined and are limited to max. 20%. "First minute discount" is incompatible with other discounts.

Terms of payment

Conference fee must be paid prior to the event. In case of cancelations before 5. March 2019, full fee is reimbursed; in case of cancelations between 5. and 10. March 2019, 30% of fee is charged for handling charges; after 10. March 2019 no fee is reimbursed.

Fee payments should be made via bank transfer to:

SKB banka d.d.
Institute for Corporative Security Studies – ICS Ljubljana,
Account No. (IBAN): SI56 0313 1100 0343 770, reference number. 00 10-2019 "registration number"

Participants outside Slovenia should replace VAT number with the number they receive from the organiser upon their registration.

Conference registration

Should you have any difficulties regarding the registration form or any questions regarding the conference and registration, please write to info(at)ics-institut.si. We will send an e-mail confirmation upon receiving your registration. If you do not receive such confirmation within a few days, your registration was not successful and you should write to the above-mentioned e-mail.

Sponsors and exhibitors

Conference Venue

Conference Venue


Predoslje 39, 4000 Kranj


Brdo Congress Center joined other elite buildings on the property in 2007. Built for Slovenia's EU Presidency, he hosted the main meetings and provided all the necessary infrastructure for meetings at such a high level.The modern conceived and glass-concealed congress center, with some 9,000 m2 of usable surfaces, today offers the possibility of organizing a wide variety of events.The Brdo Congress Center host:

  • business meetings,
  • protocol events,
  • press conferences,
  • work meetings and education,
  • cultural events,
  • gala dinners,
  • magnificent presentations,
  • weddings and other personal celebrations.

Related to natureArchitect Bevk and Perović, multiple Plečnik's winner, designed an energy-efficient building, and when placing it in space, there were no serious interventions in the environment. The solar power plant on the roof also contributes to a sustainable orientation. The glass pavilion provides a wonderful view of the green areas of the park and a perfect perception of nature. With this, the architect wanted to emphasize the sense of connection of the interior of the congress center with the green areas of the Park Brdo.


Accommodation is possible at Hotel Brdo, which is only 1 min from the congress hall (on foot).


Hotel Brdo
Predoslje 39, 4000 Kranj

The pleasant Hotel Brdo **** is known as a watchful host of business and protocol events. He also often takes care of top athletes who provide them with all the necessary services at the time of preparation. With a varied range of activities, it is ideal for a short break in a relaxing natural environment.

We have prepared a special offer for accommodation in the hotel and other necessary services that will make your arrival and stay at the conference particularly pleasant.


Room - 1 person - 75 EUR / day (for conference participants)

Price includes:

  • Overnight stay with a rich buffet breakfast
  • parking
  • Relaxation in the wellness center Vrelec Brdo (free of charge up to 2 hours a day with prior announcement)
  • 20% discount on other wellness center services,
  • 24-hour fitness studio,
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* The price does not include tourist tax (EUR 1.4 per person / day).

Reservation is possible via the info (at) ics-institut.si or contact the hotel directly (e-mail: hotel (at) brdo.si, reference "ICS Institute").



Cesta Andreja Bitenca 68
1000 Ljubljana
m: +386 31 312 819
f: +386 1 519 30 10
e-naslov: info@ics-institut.si

Denis Čaleta, PhD, Assist. Prof.
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Phone: +386 31 358 502
Fax: +386 1 519 30 10
Email: denis.caleta@ics-institut.si

Event gallery

The award ceremony »Slovenian Grand Security Award"

Slovenian Grand Security Award is the highest award in the field of safety and security in the Republic of Slovenia, which is awarded to the selected institutions and individuals for their innovative contributions to the development and enforcement of the security and safety. The prize is awarded by the Institute for Corporative Security Studies ICS Ljubljana, in cooperation with the Slovenian Corporate Security Association. An independent commission will evaluate and select the quality and originality of the registered participants.

  • The most safe and secure enterprise
  • The corporate security manager of the year
  • The most innovative security solution
  • The best book in the field of security
  • Innovative media promotion of safety and security
  • The safest city and safest municipality

The ceremony will took place on March 13, 2019 within the framework of the international conference Days of Corporate Security in Ljubljana.


Archive of past awards