This time there was talk about migration

23. October 2020

Assoc. prof. dr. Denis Čaleta, as a representative of the Institute for Corporate Security Studies, participated in the radio show Studio at 17.00 on RTV Slovenia in discussions on the topic of illegal migration and the revision of legislation on aliens

In his discussion, he repeatedly emphasized the importance of strengthening national security bodies, which is, of course, a precondition for more effective management of the risks posed by illegal migration.

An interesting show hosted by Lucija Dimnik Rikić featured:

  • Boštjan Šefic, in the cabinet of the Minister of the Interior responsible for migration issues,
  • Denis Čaleta, President of the Board of the Institute for Corporate Security Studies,
  • Urša Regvar, Legal Information Center of Non-Governmental Organizations,
  • Samo Bardutzky, Head of the Department of Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana.

You can listen to the entire discussion at the following link