The terrorist attack in Manchester has once again opened up a series of security dilemmas

23. May 2017


The recent terrorist attack in Manchester has again opened up a number of security dilemmas and how it can even be guarded against such tragic events. In any case, we have again witnessed the suicide type of a terrorist attack that is most difficult to prevent at the very implementation stage. National security authorities can be successful only when they work effectively and participate in the preparatory stages of such an attack. On the other hand, this tragic act has shown the fact that we will have to live with the increased security risks in the next period. Security is not and will no longer be a self-evident asset, so that it will need to invest much more so far than it is to provide it. Above all, it is necessary to do everything in order to strengthen the mutual cooperation of all institutions, both at the national and international level. At the moment, the measurement of power between individual professions in the defence and security field bring nothing good to this necessary cooperation, which we also urgently need in the Republic of Slovenia.

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