The Representatives of the Slovenian Association of Corporate Security at IFSEC International in London

21. June 2015

Between 16. and 17. of June 2015 the representatives of ICS Ljubljana and the Slovenian Association for Corporate Security visited IFSEC, now for the second year running in London. IFSEC is the largest security event where exhibitors present the latest knowledge and technological solutions on the field of technical security systems, fire protection and safety at work. The event was accompanied by a rich conference activity that is touching your questions on the most pressing security challenges and risks. This year disruptive changes or new technologies were not possible to see. The development of technical systems is mostly observed in the improvement of existing solutions and further steps in the field of "building management", where producers tend to unifying platform on which it is possible to connect a variety of technical security systems and anti-fire systems. The main center of gravity of the development are directed primarily to providing superior technical support representatives of corporate security in a more comprehensive risk management in organizations.

The representatives of the ICS Ljubljana and the Slovenian Association of Corporate Security gave an additional quality to the event, that their experience and knowledge with counterparts helped shape the debate in various fields.

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