The representative of the ICS presented the role of corporate security at the conference "Maritime security of the Republic of Slovenia: Experiences and Challenges"

04. December 2011

Dr. Denis Čaleta presented the views of the Institute for Security Studies at the conference titled "Maritime security of the Republic of Slovenia: Experiences and Challenges", which was organized by the Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia and the Faculty of Social Sciences. He presented the importance of the role of corporate security, as an important segment for the provision of a comprehensive national security in his lecture titled "System aspects of integrated risk management in the process of ensuring maritime safety - the role of corporate security". In addition to the ICS there were some other representatives from other important organization’s such as Slovenian police, the Slovenian Armed Forces, Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Protection and Rescue, Port Authority, Port of Koper and Faculty of Social Sciences which presented their views on the problem maritime security in to Republic of Slovenia.