The first e-newsletter of the InfraStress project has been published

10. July 2020

Infrastress is a research project co-financed by the European Commission under the H2020 program, in which 27 international partners are participating. As part of this project, the first e-newsletter was published.

You will find the following content in it:

  • A message from the project Coordinator, Lorenzo Sutton, Engeniring (Italy)
  • Complete demonstration of InfraStress in operating environments, Eleni Psychia, Motor Oil (Greece)
  • A smart detection tools, Vinod Ahuja, Dr. Frucht Systems Ltd (Israel)
  • The organizational resilience perspective, Renaud Vidal, ATRISC (France)
  • A heads-up on the InfraStress community enrollment campaign, dr. Denis Čaleta, Institute for Corporate Security Studies (Slovenia)
  • Recent and upcoming events

To read to full version, go to website or open attachment.

Infrastress Newsletter