The European project PRECINCT comes to an end

08. August 2023

The aim of the PRECINCT project was to develop a platform to connect different stakeholders of interdependent critical infrastructures (CIs) and emergency services and to look at the possible cascading effects of different security contingencies or disasters. The Institute for Corporate Security Studies (ICS Ljubljana) is the coordinator of the Slovenian part of the consortium, where important Slovenian organisations Telekom Slovenije, Elektro Ljubljana, Slovenian Railways, the Transport Institute, the City of Ljubljana with the Municipal Constabulary Department and the Ljubljana Passenger Transport participate.


The PRECINCT project will conclude on 14 September in the Emilia Romagna region of Bologna. The agenda will include a quick overview of the achievements and good practices of the PRECINCT project, a presentation of the PRECINCT tools and new methods, and an overview of the possibilities to implement and use the PRECINCT solutions after the end of the project.

The event can be viewed live or on-line. You are cordially invited to join us: Applications are invited until September 1, 2023.