Slovenia not immune to radicalism, security conference chair says

30. May 2018


The international event entitled "Counter terrorism challenges in the Region of SE Europe" concluded this year, bringing together representatives of 30 countries and all the most important international organizations (NATO, EU, OSCE and UN). The main theme of this year's event was related to the dangers posed by radicalization and extremism, as two important factors, which also lead to an increase in terrorist threats.

This year also representatives of the Institute for Corporate Security Studies, ICS-Ljubljana, played a key role in the organization of this event. Dr. Denis Caleta was chairman of the organizing committee and co-editor of an important scientific monograph entitled "Violent Extremism and Radicalization Processes as Driving Factors to Terrorism Threats". The mentioned monograph was agreed by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia, Joint Special Operations University of Tampa USA and, of course, ICS-Ljubljana.

Dr. Denis Čaleta also made a press release, which was published on STA.

Slovenia not immune to radicalism, security conference chair says

Maribor, 22 May - An international conference on combating terrorism in southeast Europe kicked off in the Maribor barracks on Tuesday. Denis Čaleta, who is chairing the multi-day conference, told the STA that Slovenia is not immune to radicalism and extremism. "We cannot be an island in the globalised world."

"Experience shows that radicalisation and terrorism are present in our societies and are not necessarily connected to migrations and arrival of foreigners. People in Europe are also being radicalised: second and third generation immigrants."

"What we should be worried about is the fact that modern European society has not found answers to prevent all the processes pushing people to the margins of the society" into the hands of radicals, said Čaleta.

The entire society not just the security services should be attuned to signs of radicalism, he added.

Exchange of experience and good practices are key to success and are also in the focus of the international conference that brought together representatives of 26 countries and organisations such as OSCE, the EU, FRONTEX, Europol, NATO and DCAF Ljubljana.

Čaleta expressed satisfaction that the conference also features participants from the Middle East, the region most plagued by terrorism.

The biggest challenge faced by Europe now will be the return of IS fighters. "This is a big problem. It is what experts are the most afraid of. When the IS loses its territory, radicals will disperse and some will return to Europe."

"Reintegration of these persons will be a great challenge for any society," said Čaleta.

Only ten Slovenians joined IS "but each individual case should be cause for concern", said Čaleta, adding that there were also casualties among Slovenians fighting for IS.