Research workshop in Ljubljana within the DEFENDER project

18. July 2017

An important research workshop was held in Ljubljana from 17 till 18 July in the framework of the European Defending the European Energy Infrastructures project (DEFENDER). At the event, representatives of ICS-Ljubljana presented a study entitled "Identification of threats to critical electrical infrastructure", which was produced within the framework of the above mentioned project. The study covers a comprehensive analysis of all threats that affect the smooth functioning of critical infrastructure in the electricity sector. In this study, all domains (capacity production, electricity transmission, distribution, dispersed and alternative sources of electricity and final customers) were analysed using the multidisciplinary approach, which make up the electricity supply sector. The new model of the impact of threats on the operation of the above mentioned infrastructure brings in addition to the detailed definition of the entire spectrum of threats, the impact of each threat on individual domains within the electricity sector, the impact between the domains themselves, the impact on other critical infrastructure sectors that are related or in a certain dependence on electricity, the time dimension that is influenced by threats, the degree of responsiveness and the detailed impact of threats.

During the event, the participants also viewed certain ELES capacities in the field of electricity transmission.