Representatives of the Institute for Corporative Security Studies significantly contributed to the successful completion of the international European project "Resilience of critical infrastructure protection in Europe - RECIPE 2015”

28. April 2016

Institute for Corporate Security Studies - ICS Ljubljana has with its expert knowledge successfully implementation and completion of the international project RECIPE 2015. In April 2016 dr. Denis Čaleta attended the final international conference in the context of the envisaged project RECIPE 2015 conducted in Split, Croatia. The conference was aimed at cooperation and presentation of models of certain European countries and the public presentation of the results and findings of the project RECIPE 2015.

Within the framework of the project the ICS Ljubljana with its experts played a key role. During this project experts from ICS Ljubljana produced an international comparative study "Comparative overview and analysis", which contained a detailed analysis of four national models for critical infrastructure protection (models of the Great Britain, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland). The entire study was supported by the analysis of the regulatory and implementing the EU guidelines in this area. This study was the basis for the subsequent development of two national studies - the establishment of critical infrastructure protection in the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbia. Both studies focused on three main objectives: (1) the establishment of the National Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (2) The appropriate implementation of public-private partnership in the field of critical infrastructure protection, and (3) an effective exchange of confidential information in the field of critical infrastructure protection.

In the last phase of the project the experts developed special Feasibility Study from the proposed models. Details on the studies can be found at the link RECIPE 2015.

This project once again demonstrates that the Institute for Corporative Security Studies ICS Ljubljana with its experts and expertise is able to participate in the most complex projects, transfer of scientific knowledge into practice.