Representatives of the ICS Ljubljana on high-profile conference in Geneva

21. October 2016

Dr. Denis Čaleta, a representative of the ICS Ljubljana and g. Andrej Podvršič, a member of the Slovenian Association of Corporate Security, at the invitation of the organizer attended the annual meeting of the International Security Managers Association (ISMA), which was in the month of October in Geneva. ISMA brings together all the most important security professionals from the largest multinational corporate environments. At this prestigious event they carried out a well-received lecture "The Risk to Corporation: Impact & Consequences and Society and the Corporate World."

At the event, they held talks on closer cooperation between the Institute for Corporate Security Studies ICS Ljubljana, Slovenian Association for Corporate Security and International Security Managers Association (ISMA). Liz Chamberlin, Executive Director specifically highlighted the need for the exchange of expertise and knowledge of the situation in the wider region. Dr. Denis Čaleta offered cooperation and promised that one of the following ISMA meetings for Europe will be organized in our region.