Representatives of the ICS Ljubljana at the inter-ministerial consultations on countering radicalization (RAN platform)

03. November 2015

The representatives of the ICS Ljubljana played the active role at the inter-ministerial working conference on countering radicalization which was organised Slovenian Police as a current coordinator of national RAN platform.

Content of the work of the conference was the presentation of the amendments made by the European organization and review of the national RAN platform operations in 2015. It is worth mentioning that was in February under the RAN project organized workshop "Train the Trainers", on which also participated ICS Ljubljana.

In the introduction, the representative of the Police introduced the changes at European level, which is now united in the RAN Center of Excellence (CoE RAN) and comprises nine working groups. After that we heard from the various stakeholders, what is the situation in Slovenia and its surroundings, and of course the threats posed in the field of radicalization.

Director of the ICS Ljubljana, Aljoša Kandžič, presented the activities in the field of radicalization, through the work of the Institute, and through the operation of the Slovenian Association of Corporate Security. He stressed that the Institute participates in a series of projects related to risk management in the public-private environment. Of course, this expertise can be offered to the RAN platform. He stressed the extremely active transfer of knowledge and good practice between the academic and public-private environment. He assured the active participation in the work of RAN platform and expressed willingness to cooperate in organizing a national group that will lead the further development of this initiative. In the context of RAN CoE working groups, the Institute sees its participation in EDU RAN and RAN LOCAL.