Representatives of ICS Ljubljana played an important role in raising awareness of the dangers of the processes of radicalization and extremism in the international environment

25. May 2018

The biggest international event entitled "Counter terrorism challenges in the Region of SE Europe" concluded this year, bringing together representatives of 30 countries and all the most important international organizations (NATO, EU, OSCE and UN). The main theme of this year's event was related to the dangers posed by radicalization and extremism, as two important factors, which also lead to an increase in terrorist threats.

This year also representatives of the Institute for Corporate Security Studies, ICS-Ljubljana, played a key role in the organization of this event. Dr. Denis Caleta was chairman of the organizing committee and co-editor of an important scientific monograph entitled "Violent Extremism and Radicalization Processes as Driving Factors to Terrorism Threats". The mentioned monograph was agreed by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia, Joint Special Operations University of Tampa USA and, of course, ICS-Ljubljana.

Dr. Denis Čaleta also made a press release, which was published on STA.

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