Representative of the Institute for Corporate Security Studies with an important role in developing a strategy for critical infrastructure protection in the EU defense sector

22. October 2018

Dr. Denis Čaleta attended the international event entitled "Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defense and Security Sector" organized by the European Defense Agency (EDA) in Warsaw, Poland. As one of the main coordinators for the preparation of the Strategy for the Protection of Energy Critical Infrastructure, the EU, together with its colleagues, presented the basic guidelines and plan for the preparation of this important document. The document will be presented to the defense ministers of EU Member States after its completion and will serve as a guidance document for the further development of the protection of energy critical infrastructure in the defense sector and the strengthening of synergies in defense-public cooperation processes in the field.

In addition to the above, together with Dr. Massimo Bertoncini, the EU coordinator of the DEFENDER project, took the opportunity and participants of this high-level forum to announce the development of the project and the latest findings and good practices brought about by the project in the field of EU energy critical infrastructure protection.