Regional Forum on the Protection of Critical Infrastructure

22. September 2017

In Zagreb, an international conference entitled “Private (Military) and Security Society in the Protection of Critical Infrastructure” was held in Zagreb on 19. and 20. September, 2017, organized by the RACVIAC - Center for Security Cooperation and the Journal ZAŠTITA. The conference were attended by many distinguished guests from South East Europe . In the introduction, the participants were welcomed with greetings by Ambassador Haydar Berk, Director of RACVIAC, Nikola Milijevic, Director of CNUSS, Lidija Stolica, President of the Croatian Private Security Association, Damir Trut, Assistant Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia and dr. Robert Mikac, Member of the Security Council of the President of the Republic of Croatia.

ICS Ljubljana was invited to participate in the panel discussion of Regional Good Practice in Public-Private Partnership in the Field of Security, where we presented good practices in the field. With a presentation prepared by mag. Miran Vršec and Vito Murgel, ICS Ljubljana has attracted a lot of interest, especially with participants from the wider region of SE Europe. Representatives of ICS Ljubljana were asked to help with their expertise and experience to the countries and institutions from individual countries and provide them with expert assistance in the preparation of documents needed to bring the European Community closer to the development of public-private partnerships in their regions.