14. June 2023

The Pan-European meeting with CIS stakeholders of the EU project SUNRISE (Strategies and Technologies for United and Resilient Critical Infrastructures and Vital Services in Pandemic-Stricken Europe) was successfully implemented. The workshop took place online, organized by the Institute for Corporate Security Studies - ICS Ljubljana. It was organized, led and moderated by ICS with the support of ATS, INS, UPM, HB and XLB as SUNRISE partners. The SUNRISE project partners and invited partners with 44 participants from 13 Countries were present at the workshop.

After the welcoming address by ICS and SUNRISE Project introduction by ATS/Project Coordinator there were presentations of the 1st Slovenian national workshop with critical infrastructure stakeholders by ICS followed by UPM and INS presenting their 1st national workshop results in Spain and Italy.

Then the plenary session was divided into four virtual tables/sessions and discussions were moderated by ICS, UPM and INS (supported by XLB, ATS, HB): The information, experience and good practices gathered within 1st round of National workshops with Critical Infrastructures – the continuation of discussions, analysis, and research. After the mutual introduction of the participants, the purpose was to facilitate discussions aimed at supporting cooperation on a cross-border level to exchange best practices, discuss common issues, and find means to support each other in crises.

Upon the Metodology - five topics:

• Business continuity management,

• Human resources,

• Information and communication technologies,

• Collaboration with other actors, and

• Communication with stakeholders,

were discussed and participants shared their views of EU CIs Collaboration and Interdepencies.

After the completion of the virtual round tables session, the moderators of ICS, UPM and INS collected the key takeaways and presented them and finally there was Reflection and conclusion session ending this productive Pan-European meeting with CIS stakeholders.

The outcome of the discussions will be intended to understand what is already in the operational environment on cross-border level cooperation, what is still missing, and how we can meet that gap. Inputs gathered will support the discussions, analysis, and research of the EU project SUNRISE in the national and international environment.

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