Meeting of the Slovenian Association of Corporate Security dedicated to the Cyber Security Strategy

12. January 2021

The first meeting in the new year was intended to discuss and formulate proposals of the Slovenian Association of Corporate Security for the new Cyber ​​Security Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia. Due to the situation in Slovenia, the event took place via an online platform.

In the process of preparing the mentioned strategy, it is the right time to hear the expectations and good practices created by the Slovenian Association for Corporate Security, with special emphasis on critical infrastructure managers and providers of essential services. The importance of the topic was also proven by the mass participation of members.

At the beginning of the meeting, dr. Denis Čaleta presented methodologies and some basic focuses. Then he invited the guest of the association, Mr. Marjan Kavčič, a representative of the Information Security Administration, who presented the basic starting points. In the following, we could hear some detailed presentations of individual proposals of some members of the association. In an interesting discussion that took place among the members themselves, we formulated quite a few weighty suggestions and came up with great ideas to continue the discussion. All proposals will be formulated and supplemented and later forwarded to colleagues at the Information Security Administration. At the same time, we hope that through similar discussions across individual critical infrastructure sectors, which will take place soon, we will help to prepare an effective strategy.