Meeting of the EU Forum for the Protection of Public Spaces

07. June 2023

A meeting of the "EU Forum for the Protection of Public Spaces", organised by the European Commission to deepen and exchange experiences in the field of protection of public spaces, is held in Brussels. Dr. Denis Čaleta represented the Institute for Corporate Security Studies, Ms. Irena Utroša represented the Ministry of the Interior and Mr. Janez Simčič represented the Slovenian Police.

Dr. Čaleta's discussion focused on the need for a unified approach to the protection of public spaces, which no longer allows for a silo approach. This means that physical and cyber measures should be implemented as an integrated approach to effectively protect public spaces. Particular emphasis was placed on the good practices brought about by the APPRAISE project and in particular on the tests already carried out within the Slovenian pilot, where BTC Ljubljana, Slovenian Police, ICS-Ljubljana and other technology partners of the project were involved as partners. In addition to the technological solutions that help in the implementation of these complex activities, he also highlighted the building of trust between public and private institutions that ensure the security of public spaces. As an example of good practice, he also highlighted the Slovenian Corporate Security Association, which provides an inclusive platform for joint action on various security challenges.