Low level of security in the diplomatic and consular network of the Republic of Slovenia

11. August 2017


A recent burglary event in the premises of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia has again publicly revealed the inadequacy of the key security system in the diplomatic consular network worldwide. On behalf of the Institute for Corporate Security Studies, Dr. Denis Čaleta commented the situation and causes that led to this security-exposed event in the “Odmevi” news. He particularly emphasized the low security culture and awareness, which is the key in an important system such as the diplomatic-consular network. The ambassadors are largely unaware of the importance of security, but the ministry has little support in this field. It is imperative to introduce an integral security system that will set clear standards of security at our strategic locations at our global offices.

ICS-Ljubljana has a developed methodology that would enable the establishment of an efficient security system for our representative offices. Of course, the ruling policy must be aware of the importance of urgent investment and the establishment of an effective system of security for state facilities, among which embassies have a special place. Unfortunately, this understanding is not yet available. It will be necessary to assert the responsibility of individuals for such a bad state of security in the diplomatic-consular network. And from the experience of past events, it is primarily important to learn that such events will no longer appear.

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