Invitation to the on-line "European Critical Infrastructure Protection Cluster Workshop"

A representative of ICS-Ljubljana will participate in events, where they will present, among other things, good practices of European projects DEFENDER and INFRASTRESS.

11. June 2020

We invite you to the international event "European Cluster for Securing Critical Infrastructures (ECSCI) workshop", which will take place on 24 and 25 of June 2020 and will be organized as an online video conference.

The event is thematically dedicated to the protection of European critical infrastructure. This workshop will present the different approaches on integrated (i.e. cyber and physical) security in seven different industrial sectors, such as finance, healthcare, energy, air transport communications, gas, and water. The peculiarities of critical infrastructure protection in each one of these sectors will be discussed and addressed by the different projects of the ECSCI cluster that will present their outcomes, discussing the technical, ethical and societal aspects and the underlying technologies.

Specifically, novel techniques will be presented for integrated security modelling, IoT security, artificial intelligence for securing critical infrastructures, distributed ledger technologies for security information sharing and increased automation for detection, prevention and mitigation measures.


Within the program, the DEFENDER and INFRASTRESS projects will be presented, in which the Institute for Corporate Security Studies is also participating. ICS representative Dr. Čaleta Denis will take part in a discussion on the topic "Could standardization break the silos approach and Critical Infrastructure Protection?"


Participation on the event is free, you are invited to register. More about the event and registration you can find at this link -