ICS representatives participated in the Conference in Zagreb

01. November 2011

Dr. Denis Čaleta, President of the ICS Board and Mr. Miran Vršec MSc., director of ICS were as invited guests attended the fifth conference, which was organized by colleagues from the Croatian Association of Security Managers (UHMS) in Zagreb from 27th and 28 October 2012. Dr. Čaleta also participated in a roundtable entitled "Education of security managers", where he presented the Slovenian experience in the field of education, corporate security professionals. He especially introduced good practice which has been done in Slovenian environment by Institute of Corporate Security Studies with close cooperation of the Slovenian Association of corporate security.

Ideas and experiences among participants attracted much attention, which is also reflected through the additional questions that were raised in discussion at the roundtable. At the end of the conference representatives of the ICS has taken the opportunity to meet with Mr. Alen Ostojić, President of the Croatian Association of Security Managers (UHMS). They agreed for further close cooperation between partners organizations.