ICS representative at an important strategic forum in the United States

25. September 2017

Dr. Denis Čaleta attended important strategic discussions in the Center for Civil-Military Relations in Monterey, California, USA from 09 to 24 September 2017 on the challenges posed by the threats of modern terrorism. The meeting was held among the representatives of the countries through which all the regions of the world were represented, which gave discussion especially value. In any case, terrorism is a global problem, but it has important specifics in certain regions. The discussion was attended by representatives of the academic community, direct decision makers, as well as practitioners who, through the prevention of this problem, are directly involved in their organizational units.

The integration of experts at a global level is essential for the successful continuation of the processes of preventing terrorist threats and the proper understanding of the causes for its emergence. As part of the event, participants remember the anniversaries of the tragic events of the terrorist attack on the United States and honored the victims with a minute of silence.

The talks also ran on an important traditional international event titled "Counter Terrorism Challenges and SE Europe", which will be organized in May 2018 in Slovenia.