ICS - Ljubljana has obtained a licensed for the program Radicalisation Awareness Network - RAN

10. February 2015

The ICS-Ljubljana representative, Mr. Aljoša Kandžič has obtained a licensed for training in the context of Radicalisation Awareness Network. RAN is EU-wide umbrella of practitioners and local actors involved in countering violent radicalisation. The project has a very active place within the institutions and EU Member States with the main purpose of preventing radicalization, which is most closely connected with the emergence of terrorist threats.

Within the framework of this project ICS-Ljubljana has been active through various activities. One of these is the estabishment of a network of experts in the context of the emerging EU RAN Centre of Excellence. Obtaining the appropriate license for the training is the second step, which will represent an opportunity to expand that project through the organization of the NGO sector in Slovenia. The cooperation will be extended to non-governmental organizations, which with its activities contributed to the appropriate measures to prevent the radicalization of individuals in the areas where they operate. Especially it is necessary to emphasize the importance of public-private partnerships and cooperation, which is essential for the successful implementation of the program.