Changes to the law on the Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency are expected

11. May 2017


Dr. Denis Čaleta, representative of the Institute for Corporate Security Studies, commented for certain media the proposed extensive amendments to the Law on the Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency. It is a fact that security threats have become more complex than the past period, which puts before us the requirement to properly regulate the legal basis for more effective work of intelligence and security services. However, in this part, it should be clearly stressed that this process needs to be addressed with a very deliberate and with the necessary level of professional and public debate, which will in particular bring about a balanced system of ensuring national security. The current large-scale proposal for the amendments to the Law about SOVA does not indicate that solutions are being directed towards the appropriate basis for the work of the National Intelligence and Security Agency, and in particular, it raises a number of dilemmas in the area of ​​effective supervision by the relevant democratic institutions and coordination of work with other bodies, Police and judicial systems.

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