03. 12. 2020

Round table - Cyber security challenges on the way to the introduction of new 5G technologies

A guided conversation with eminent guests will be led by dr. Denis Caleta, representative of the Institute for Corporate Security Studies and president of the Slovenian Association for Corporate Security.

Special notice

The online event will be recorded, the recording will be published on the website and ICS Ljubljana YouTube channel.


The dynamic business environment poses important dilemmas to the strategic management of organizations on how to ensure proper risk management and thus the continuity of the business process. These requirements are particularly pronounced in the context of organizations that manage critical infrastructure and are therefore, in addition to their business process, extremely important for the functioning of the wider community. Without adequate cybersecurity in these organizational environments, it will be very difficult to ensure the secure operation and management of key data in the future.

The number of hacker intrusions, technological errors and anomalies caused by human activity, as the weakest link in this system in all areas of society, is growing, and the consequences of intrusions are becoming increasingly critical, as information technology is a key element in many systems. Hacker intrusions have already caused downtime of production facilities, problems in the operation of hospitals, loss of confidential data and financial resources, and other serious consequences. Are hacker intrusions just a sign, that the security environment in which our organizations operate, is drastically changing?

On the other hand, open questions arise regarding the construction of future 5G networks. At this point, of course, it is necessary to focus on providing answers to the questions of how safe the upcoming technologies are and whether the providers provide all the necessary safety and security standards.


All of these are necessary starting points for us to continue the discussion at this point on key issues related to the state of cyber security at the national and international levels. In an open public debate, we want to check with the invited experts what steps still need to be taken in the field of following the vision of the development of cyber security in the light of the arrival of new 5G technologies. At the same time, one of the main focuses of the discussion will be to determine the stage in Europe in the perception of the need for faster introduction of technological change (Industry 4.0, 5G technologies, artificial intelligence and others). In this regard, the important topic of the introduction of 5G technologies will be related to national security interests, appropriate normative and regulatory framework, market mechanisms to ensure the competitiveness of providers, the ability to adopt the necessary security standards and the ability to ensure cyber security of data and processes supported by 5G technology.

In this context, critical infrastructure and providers of essential services, which need a secure information and communication environment for their smooth operation, are particularly important. How deeply can we afford to introduce new technologies into these critical segments of individual countries? This is the purpose, we are organizing a round table discussion with experts in various fields, which are directly and indirectly related to the establishment of an appropriate system of information and, consequently, cyber security.

The main focus of the discussion will be on:

  • Understanding and clarifying the role of stakeholders in ensuring the security of cyberspace;
  • How aspects of national and European security affect the speed and scale of the introduction of new 5G technologies;
  • The role of regulators in the introduction of new 5G technologies in relation to ensuring cyber security;
  • What level of resilience and security can 5G technologies provide technologically;
  • Telecommunications operators and dilemmas in choosing suppliers and equipment that ensure an adequate level of cyber security in the 5G field;
  • Critical infrastructure management and deployment of 5G technologies;
  • Providing security standards in the field of 5G technologies;
  • Ensuring the competitiveness of 5G technology and service providers.


Dr. Denis Čaleta, Institute for Corporative Security Studies


  • Dr. Uroš Svete, Director of the Information Security Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
  • MSc. Tanja Muha, Director of the Agency for Communication Networks and Services
  • MSc. Matjaž Beričič, Member of the Board of TELEKOM Slovenia
  • MSc. Andrej Tomšič, Deputy Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Mr. Aleksandar Todorovski, director of ERICSSON Slovenia
  • MSc. Gašper Cotman, representative of HUAWEI technologies Ljubljana

Date and location of the event

Date: December 3, 2020 from 11:00 to 13:00

Participants will be able to follow the discussion live via the online platform. The recording will be available on the ICS Ljubljana website.

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