27. 11. 2023

Resilience and continuity of operation of key organizations imperative of modern society

The challenges brought by the demanding security environment with included security threats call for the implementation of a content-important national consultation in the field of ensuring the continuity of our organizations' operations. The event will take place in the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia.

Content of the conference

The recent floods have once again shown the need for only those organizational environments to survive successfully that provide an adequate systemic approach in ensuring business continuity planning in their regular business process. Thus, such organizations are more robust and flexible to react in the event of a whole series of crises, which in the recent period follow each other in chain time intervals. If, in this context, we single out organizations that manage critical infrastructure and essential services, which in their essence are crucial for the operation of the wider social community, then the importance of a continuous operation system is even more important.

The whole matter must also be seen in the light of the transposition of two important European directives in the field of critical infrastructure and information security into the Slovenian legal system (NIS-2 directive and CER directive). Both directives address the provision of adequate continuity of operation of key entities and services, their robustness and, last but not least, uniform stress tests to verify their ability to operate in crisis situations.

The aforementioned national consultation is aimed at opening an important discussion and finding conclusions that will help strategic institutions in the Republic of Slovenia to find effective ways to integrate the aforementioned legislation into the Slovenian legal order. It is even more important that, with the help of experience from important EU projects, we will help strategic management and the professional public to indicate good practices in implementing and building an appropriate system of continuous operation of their organizations.

Conference program

The chamber of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana, November 27, 2023

09:25 - 09:55

Arrival and registration of participants



- Dr. Denis ČALETA
– Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Honorable guests

- Dr. Marko LOTRIČ – President of the State Council of the Republic of Slovenia

10:20 – 11:40

Strategic discussion:


"New systemic approaches to ensure higher resilience and continuity of operations of organizations of modern society"

List of round table participants:

- Mr. Boštjan ŠEFIC, State Secretary for Coordination of Measures and Activities for Reconstruction after Floods 2023

- Dr. Uroš SVETE, Director of the Information Security Office

- Mr. Boštjan PAVLIN, Director General of the Directorate for Defense Affairs, Ministry of Defence

- MSc. Marko MIŠMAŠ, director of the Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia (AKOS)

- Mr. Aleš SKOK, MBA, President of the Board, Cinkarne Celje d.d.

- MSc. Aleksander MERVAR, director of ELES d.o.o.

11:40 – 12:00


Presentation of the results of the three most important European projects so far from the field of critical infrastructure protection

12:00 – 12:25

Invited presentation:

ATLANTIS - Improved resilience of Critical Infrastructures Against Large scale transnational and systemic risks

Dr. Jolanda MODIC, Institute for Corporate Security, ICS-Ljubljana


Invited presentation:

SUNRISE - Strategies and Technologies for United and Resilient Critical Infrastructures and Vital Services in Pandemic- Stricken Europe

– Dr. Milan TARMAN, Institute for Corporate Security, ICS-Ljubljana


Invited presentation:

PRECINCT - Preparedness and Resilience Enforcement for Critical Infrastructure Cascading Cyber-physical Threats and effects with focus on district or regional protection

– Mr. Aljoša KANDŽIČ, Institute for Corporate Security, ICS-Ljubljana

13:15 – 13:40

Invited presentation:

CyberSEAS - Cyber Securing Energy dAta Services

– Mr. Žiga Podgoršek, Institute for Corporate Security, ICS-Ljubljana


Conclusion of the national consultation

Date and location of the event

The national consultation will take place on Monday, November 27, 2023 in the hall of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia, Šubičeva 4, 1000 Ljubljana, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Mandatory arrival 30 minutes before the event due to entry and registration procedures in the building of the National Assembly.

Organizers of the event

EU partner projects

Special notice

Some important announcements for event participants.

  • Events in the National Assembly are recorded and broadcast live on the website www.ds-rs.si.
  • During the event, visitors are obliged to stay exclusively at the entrance/exit to/from the Parliament building and the Hall of the National Council. Independent movement around the parliament building is not permitted. It is strictly forbidden to bring any food or drink, including water, into the hall. This is what the vestibule is for.
  • The National Council does NOT have a smoking area.