16. 06. 2017

National conference - Cybersecurity of the Republic of Slovenia

Cybersecurity of the Republic of Slovenia in the face of ever-increasing hacker intrusion - are we ready for them? Location: conference room, National Council of RS, Šubičeva 4, Ljubljana. Date and time: June 16, 2017, from 10 am to 1.30 pm Registration for the event is free of charge and is only possible through the website of the ICS Ljubljana Internet Institute


The number of hacker intrusions with the ever-increasing digitization in all social areas is rising and the impact of intrusions is increasingly critical, as information technologies represent key elements to ensure the operation of many systems. Hacking has already caused the breakdowns of production facilities, problems in the operation of hospitals, loss of confidential data and financial resources, and other serious consequences. Are hacking invasions just a cyber war? At this point, it is right to open a key question about the state of cyber security in the Republic of Slovenia and to discuss the direction in which the vision of development is set, in order to discover the public debate, for the development of Slovenia an important segment. At the same time, processes are underway in transposing important European directives into ensuring the safety of networks and systems, and we are also discussing responsible reporting on security vulnerabilities, so it's a good time to open an expert discussion...A national consultation that will try to find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the state and vision of the development of cyber security in the Republic of Slovenia?
  • Where are the causes of an increased number of hacker intrusions?
  • Is the level of awareness of the hazards of hacker intrusion and the importance of cyber security and the consequences that can cause them sufficient and if not, why is it?
  • Which are the most exposed areas, where should we be most concerned?
  • What are the roles of individual stakeholders to cope with and cope with cyber attacks?
  • Are the regulatory and legislative frameworks appropriate, what adjustments are needed?
  • Do we have the right resources (finance, staff, knowledge) and institutional arrangements to cybernetal risks? What changes are needed?
  • What activities are taking place at the state level, how is the critical infrastructure protection and the handling of cyber security?
  • What are the corporate aspects of coping with cyber attacks?