27. 09. — 29. 09. 2011

International conference titled “The Counterterrorism Challenges in Region of SE Europe«

Institute of Corporate Security Studies – ICS will co-organized with the Ministry of Defense, the U.S. Embassy and the Centre for Civil-military relations in Monterey USA a major international conference on countering terrorism. The conference will be held during the 27. - 29. September 2011 in Maribor. The international conference is related to critical infrastructure protection and has titled "Protection of critical infrastructure - today and tomorrow." The international conference speakers from of all major international organizations (UN, NATO, EU and OSCE) and the representatives and experts from different countries from the USA, China and Europe will present us latest development and processes in the area of protection critical infrastructure.

About the international conference

Recent terrorist attacks in Norway again reminded us that society is vulnerable in this global security environment which is very complex.With the development of information and other technologies, the society has become increasingly complex and vulnerable. We live in a high-risk society. The positive aspects of development also bring several strongly negative consequences that can, in their extreme form, present an increasing threat to individual, national or international security. The remarkable development of technology has certainly facilitated progress in all segments of the functioning of the society. However, the dependence of the society on the functioning of technological systems is strong; a minor system malfunction might have important consequences for the functioning of the society. For this reason, the reliance on the functioning of this infrastructure has obvious direct and indirect impacts on its threat and represents a tempting target for international terrorist operations.

Due to this interdependence, terrorist operations, which used to have local dimensions in the past, are now taking on new global dimensions. The complexity of international relations and the functioning of the international system make national security systems interact with the international environment. In fact, contemporary terrorism has helped the international community recognize it as a global phenomenon that requires global response at different levels, including the international, national and local levels, in every small social community. Since terrorist activities are not confined to national borders, the international community can fight terrorism effectively only with the improvement of measures in the area of cooperation, organisation, solidarity between countries, initiatives combining different strategies and mechanisms, and specifically with an increased exchange of information that are important for countering this global problem.