About the association

Whitin the Institute operates the Slovenian Corporate Security Association, which brings together legal and natural persons in the field of corporate security and other related fields. Through the association, members pursue personal and business interests in the field of corporate security.

The purpose of the association

The purpose of the association is to pursue membership interests that are:

    • bringing together the knowledge, experience, interests and development perspectives of corporate security professionals involved in organizing, managing and developing all the elements of a holistic approach to providing security in a corporate environment and is not just limited to companies and public organizations;
    • bringing together experts who, through their professional, pedagogical, research and other knowledge, can contribute to the best functioning and development of the association;
    • promoting the development of education, training and further training and counseling for the needs of corporate entities such as companies and other organizations;
    • involvement in the development of internationally comparable corporate security standards for comprehensive risk management and the empowerment of security users;
    • improving the quality of services in the area of ​​corporate security in the management of risks and risks, reducing losses and losses, and building the company's reputation;
    • involvement in the processes of developing corporate security management by finding points of contact between providers and subscribers of comprehensive security services, the insurance sector and the research field;
    • organizing professional development, training and counseling within ICS Ljubljana, organizing consultations and round tables and engaging in publishing scientific and professional literature, all with the aim of establishing the association and ICS-Ljubljana acting in the public interest;
    • developing safety as a value that improves working conditions, raises motivation, productivity and quality of work, improves organizational and safety culture, and contributes to improving material status and physical health.

Types of membership

Association membership is voluntary and has:

  • regular,
  • corporate
  • honorary members.

Any owner, manager of a private or public economic entity, a member of the supervisory board, a procurator or other professional who is acting as a contracting authority or user of security services and whose primary business is not marketing security services may be accepted as a regular member. In addition to those listed above, an expert may be admitted, who has been engaged in corporate security processes for at least two years as a profession in a company and in a commercial public service, the basis of which is not the marketing of security services. An expert who has been engaged in activities in a company, a commercial public service, a state institution or another organization related to corporate security processes may also be admitted to full membership. An expert who has been engaged in educational, research, consulting, project, insurance, supervisory and other activities related to corporate security assurance processes may also be accepted.

A corporate member may be admitted to any legal entity that requires functioning security processes to ensure its proper level of corporate security (certain restrictions are laid down in the rules of the association).

The process of admission to full membership and corporate membership begins on the basis of a candidate or proxy statement.

Membership fee

The annual membership fee of the Slovenian Corporate Security Association is:

  • for corporate membership EUR 250 + VAT,
  • for regular membership 70 EUR.

Regular members and corporate members of the association have certain benefits, such as:

  • free attendance at regular meetings;
  • free subscription to Corporate Security Magazine
  • discounts on attendance at conferences, conferences and other events organized by ICS-Ljubljana;
  • discounts on the purchase of published ICS publications, Ljubljana;
  • putting a logo on the association's website (for corporate members);
  • other benefits posted on the association's website.