Novo leto 2021 7

New Year's greetings

Ladies and gentlemen, we are leaving behind a demanding year, which has brought us many challenges and worries. I believe we have successfully overcome them together.

Overcoming challenges is always easier if you know that you have a network of experienced colleagues, in many cases also friends, who are always ready to help you with advice, experience or a warm word of encouragement. This is what enriches us, fills us with confidence and new energy. Thank you for your share of energy, expertise and willingness to share this in our professional community, represented by the Institute for Corporate Security Studies and the Slovenian Association for Corporate Security. We are convinced that we will continue to do so in the new year.

Because thoughts escape among sincere people, among friends, in the new year we wish you many good wishes, that are not sounding, but bring with them as much happiness as possible.

For good wishes in the new year, we will borrow a song by our poet Tone Pavček.


When you tread
Your way, always go to the end.
In spring, to a flower so sweet,
In summer, to a shower of wheat,
In autumn, to pantries that glow,
In winter, to the lady of snow,
In life, to the truth that is thine,
Until colour leaks into your cheeks.
And if you don’t climb the first time,
To the top and reap the best crop,
Try it once more
And over
And over again

The ICS team wishes you many happy steps on the still untrodden paths.