Dr. Uroš Svete, Director of the Information Security Administration, guest of the October meeting,

08. October 2020

Due to the situation in Slovenia, the first October meeting of the members of the Slovenian Association of Corporate Security took place via the online platform. The guest of the meeting was dr. Uroš Svete, Director of the Information Security Administration.

The content of the meeting was intended for the situation in the field of cyber security and especially the preparation of a new cyber security strategy of the Republic of Slovenia. In the process of preparing this strategy, it is the right time to hear the expectations and good practices we have created in the Slovenian Association for Corporate Security, with special emphasis on critical infrastructure managers and providers of essential services.

The last part of the meeting was also devoted to a broader discussion of other members of the association. At the end of the meeting, the president of the association, dr. Denis Čaleta invited everyone to the second meeting of members in October.